#CTIA 2010: Sneak Peek at the Opera Mini Browser for iPhone (video)

If you have ever used a smartphone and thought about ditching your device’s native browser, you have most likely heard of Opera Mini. This browser is well known for its easy-to-use user interface and rendering webpages at superfast speeds. It’s also known for its ability to compress large portions of data into bandwidth-friendly chunks, thus limiting the strain on the network.

Most recently Opera made news by announcing its Opera Mini 5 had been made available on the Android Market, but as the Opera rep told me today, the browser was built to work with practically every mobile platform — and that includes the iPhone.

In fact, Opera Mini was submitted to the App Store just yesterday, and the entire world sits on pins and needles in anticipation, hoping that Apple will see the benefits it would provide consumers as well as AT&T.

But whether or not Opera Mini is approved in the App Store, I was still given the opportunity to take a peek at what this browser can do, and I was allowed to take video proof of its existence. Join with me through this joyride, won’t you?

Author: Brad Molen

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