Nokia pushes firmware updates for E52 and E55

Nokia has released firmware updates for two of its finest Eseries devices to date. Namely, the Nokia E52 and Nokia E55.

While we haven’t been able to get our hands on the full change-log, we’re quite certain that the firmware update will bring some bug fixes and possibly add some new features. It is said that Ovi Maps version 3.3 is included with this firmware update, so that’s at least one new thing to expect after setting the phones up for the update.

It has generally been a good idea to always keep your phone firmware up-to-date, so anyone with some spare time (and you won’t need much at all to do this) might want to go for the firmware update. All in, the update is just 3.8MB and should be acquired quite easily either over-the-air or through a PC with the use of Nokia’s trusty PC suite software program.

Via Intomobile

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