Slacker Radio now available for Windows Mobile 6.5

Radio junkies, listen up. Slacker Radio has just announced the availability of their radio streaming app for Windows Mobile 6.5, and are offering it for free on their own web site at With it, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite tunes without having to pay a cent for music that will make you feel like a prisoner with DRM.

However, you’d have to be in the United States for this to work, though. And if you are, well then good on you. The app will also be offered pre-loaded with T-Mobile’s HTC HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone.

One disadvantage the WinMo version has over other versions on other platforms is the lack of offline caching. But well, it’s free. What are you gonna do?

You can download it for your device on

Author: David Gonzales

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