#CTIA 2010: LG Remarq Hands-On (Video)

LG didn’t seem to bring a heckuva lot with them to CTIA this year. The two new handsets that are getting any sort of buzz are the Cosmos (featured earlier) and the Remarq. Both devices are rather simplistic and not a whole lot to look at in terms of razzle dazzle.

However, the buzz swarming around LG at this year’s show isn’t necessarily due to having the coolest or greatest handset of all time. In this particular instance, it’s because LG is starting to pick up the eco-friendliness bug that’s been starting to spread around many of the most popular phonemakers.


The LG Remarq, in this instance, is getting a lot of attention because a large portion of it is made out of recycled material, and will also be recyclable at the end of the phone’s life. The Remarq is made of 19% recycled plastic, and the entire phone itself is 87% recyclable. It also comes in all recycled packaging, and does not include a paper user guide; just an online user guide.

It also has a new app which shows off how much you’re conserving by walking or jogging. Take a peek at the video tour below to see more details on the app, as well as other features of the phone.

Author: Brad Molen

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