Live Pics of the Motorola i1 Android at #CTIA 2010

Android is the name of the game at this year’s CTIA in Las Vegas, and it is definitely everywhere. It’s as though every single booth here offers something related to Android in some way, whether it’s handsets or apps. One place I was surprised to see Android show up, however, was on an iDEN-based device.

But that’s exactly what Motorola has done in the i1. The i1 is a new iDEN phone with Android that should be making its ways to a US carrier (read: Sprint/Nextel) sometime this summer.

This was a bit of a shocker to me. I always figured that iDEN phones were doomed to remain incredibly large and bulky due to their meeting 810F military specs, but Motorola has proved us all that it is possible to have a rugged 810F phone that’s only 13 mm. It’s barely thicker than an iPhone, yet they can be tossed around and abused as well as any other iDEN phone can be. In fact, Mike Rowe (of “Dirty Jobs”) is the spokesperson of the i1, and was using one to play shuffleboard on Monday night.


So, what exactly is this i1 all about? I stopped by the booth to snap some pics, and also managed to get a video of the device in action. As you can see, the i1 itself is quite sleek and stylish. It fits very well in the hand and is easy enough to navigate. In fact, one thing I absolutely loved about the i1 was the rubberized feel of the back and sides, making it grippable and doesn’t leave fingerprints behind.

What are your thoughts on it, after viewing the pictures and video? Give us some feedback in our comments section.

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Cesar Cardoso

    Probably the best phone around for those on iDEN networks. Actually, I know some people counting the minutes to get one.