Google Nexus One for Verizon to come in April “with a surprise”?

Verizon’s Google Nexus One may finally be available starting April – and this is, of course, in line with the official “spring 2010” launch date.

But the real piece of news here is the fact that, according to jkOnTheRun and some “multiple sources”, Verizon’s Nexus One will come with a surprise, meaning that it might be different than the smartphone’s versions for T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint.

Maybe it will have another color? Or maybe it has better specs and Verizon will call it Nexus One Plus? (the Plus part is some sort of a joke, of course, since the smartphone will not be sold directly by Verizon, but only by Google, and I doubt Google wants to change its name).

There’s still no official word on the price of the Verizon Nexus One, but it’s likely not different than the current price ($529 without contract).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Charlie

    The “surprise” is going to be Sense UI.

  • Mike

    dont see why theyd put sense on it when the incredible will have it. pointless. not everyone likes sense UI.

  • waiting

    The “surprise” is that is will actually be released and not just another rumor.

  • Nick

    Nexus one 4G…

  • qg

    it will b a big suprise if it actually comes out on verizon. good enough for me

  • fibofan

    Suprize could be Push To Talk on Verizon… they're adding it to other phones, rumor has it it's much improved over the old PTT style