AT&T’s Dell Aero explored in hands-on and UI walkthrough video

We failed to get some hands-on time with the Dell Aero (beyond just actually getting our hands on it) while it was on display at CTIA 2010 because of AT&Ts decision to not turn on the device. And it didn’t look like Dell put up much of a fight for it either.

Fortunately, the gang at Engadget was able to snag one and explore it in its fully-functioning, charged and actually running state, and they’ve put together a hands-on video of the whole ordeal, plus added a short UI walkthrough.

In our own Dell Aero hands-on story, one commenter mentioned that not turning on the device was “not a smart move by AT&T.” Well, as it turns out, it was actually the smartest thing they did, because for an Android smartphone, the Dell Aero is looking to be a complete and utter disaster.

Most of it has to do with AT&T’s decision to somewhat handicap the Dell Aero by disabling some features that users would expect to find on any smartphone running Google’s open-source Android OS.

So it looks sleek and sexy, but when it comes to actual performance and usability, the Dell Aero fails. It’s almost like AT&T is telling people to buy something else instead. And if that’s the case, then what’s the point of releasing it in the first place? Watch the video for yourself and see what I mean.

Via Engadget

Author: David Gonzales

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