Early MeeGo code released to developers (for Nokia N900 and Intel Atom-based devices)

When Nokia and Intel announced MeeGo, the companies said that the first devices based on the new platform would be available in late 2010. But way before this to happen, Nokia and Intel have just released the first MeeGo code to developers.

The MeeGo repositories that are currently available only include “the operating system base from the Linux kernel to the OS infrastructure up to the middleware layer,” so they’ll probably be of interest only to hardcore devs.

Reportedly, the downloadable images will boot from a USB stick or a CD. Note that, “since the MeeGo User Experiences are not yet included in today’s MeeGo core, these images will boot into terminal”.

More MeeGo goodies should be released soon – in preparation of the final MeeGo release that’s scheduled for May (most probably, it’s only then that we’ll see a proper MeeGo UI).

For the moment, the MeeGo images are available only for Nokia N900, Intel Atom-based netbooks, and Intel Moorestown-based handsets. You can download them all at the official MeeGo website.

Via the MeeGo blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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