New Samsung Galaxy S i9000 preview. The phone will apparently cost €600

We’ve already previewed the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 at CTIA 2010, but a new preview of it has been published at Mobile-review, and it includes some extra details.

Coming as Samsung’s second phone to feature a Super AMOLED display (and the world’s first Android device to have such a display), the Galaxy S should be commercially available starting in Q2. According to Mobile-review, it’s actually late Q2, namely June.

An interesting piece of info is related to the price of Samsung Galaxy S. In Russia, the smartphone will reportedly cost about 30,000 rubles – that’s the equivalent of €755. However, it’s said that the handset’s price in other European countries will be of only €600 (about $808).

Below you have some interesting comparison photos showing the Samsung Galaxy S next to the Samsung Wave S8500, and next to the HTC HD2.

And here’s a display comparison showing the superiority of the Galaxy S’ Super AMOLED screen over the screen of HTC HD2:

Mobile-review says that the Samsung Galaxy S (which might also have a Pro version) is one of the key devices of this summer, and for the moment we have to agree. You can read MR’s Samsung Galaxy S preview here.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • rtimi

    I can't wait for a real review of the production ready phone, hopefully the US version will come with flash, that's my only disappointment. Please Samsung if you see this in this day and age a camera phone should automatically have dual led flash or dual flash( one led other xenon). The rest blows every competition out the water, even though the EVO 4G has 8mpx.

  • James W

    lol, i take it your from America. Dude, we've had 8mp cameras here in the UK/Europe for almost 2 years now and had 2 12mp camphones for a year, we've seen the best from SE, Samsung and Nokia.

  • Dan Stromberg

    Not to cast aspersions on your camera phones, but I've been looking at the 8 megapixel cameras in camera phones that're coming out, and thinking “Geeze, all that res won't make the pictures look better unless I print a poster, but they will eat up my storage faster.” I consider 3 to 5 megapixels the sweet spot. For viewing fambly photos on a computer, 1 megapixel is typically plenty, but for snapping drawings off a whiteboard, a little more res than that would be nice.