Microsoft drops “Series” from Windows Phone 7 Series

Long names are annoying, you can’t argue with that.

And perhaps that’s why Microsoft is renaming its new and long-awaited Windows Phone 7 Series OS.

In fact, it’s not a renaming in the true meaning of the word – they’re just dropping the “Series” part, so the OS is now called Windows Phone 7. Period.

This can’t be an April Fools’ joke, since it was announced today (April 2) via the official Windows Phone Twitter account.

Of course, the new name doesn’t mean too much (if anything) for the future of the OS – we’re still going to see the first Windows Phone 7 handsets only in late 2010. Speaking of which, I’ve never really knew why Microsoft didn’t name its new platform “Windows Mobile 7″. Maybe they just want us to feel a bit redundant when saying stuff like “hey, I’ve just bought my first Windows Phone 7 phone”?

Via Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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