Apple iPad sales pegged at 300,000 for day one

It was obvious, from the excitement all over the Web, and the lines found in Apple stores all over the U.S., that many people wanted an iPad and have gone out to buy it. Today, Apple announces their total number of sales and it turns out to be 300,000.

So 300,000 units of Apple’s much-hyped iPad have been sold so far (one day into its official release date) and accompanying all those iPads are 250,000 ebooks downloaded from iBookstore as well as over 1 million apps from the Apple app store. Talk about activity.

Steve Jobs himself commented in the press release, saying the iPad is “going to be a game changer.” I’m sure he means that, although honestly, I’m not quite sure what game he’s talking about. Maybe with a little more time this will become more obvious to people like me who aren’t entirely convinced of the iPad’s viability as a mobile computing platform (I mean, it’s an extra-large iPhone with less features, right?).

In any case, I know one thing’s certain: this thing is popular.

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Author: David Gonzales

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