Apple’s iPad jailbroken in no time

The Apple iPad which recently went on sale has already been jailbroken by the same team that has been doing the same thing to the iPhone and iPod touch for years. So is anyone surprised?

I’m sure at least some of the people who’ve never owned iPhones before will be surprised with the difference jailbreaking can do for the iPad, as it opens the door for third-party apps that are sold or made available for free through channels other than Apple’s own iTunes app store. As soon as the iPhone dev team responsible for the first iPad jailbreak releases a user-friendly jailbreaking tool for the masses, that is.

This first successful attempt at jailbreaking the iPad builds on the “Spirit” jailbreak by a certain comex. They are probably working on a stable version to release to the public for personal jailbreaking purposes as I write this. We’ll give you an update once this has been released.

Twitter via Slashgear

Author: David Gonzales

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  • applefan2321

    This isn’t a surprise and im glad it happened. Jailbreaking the iphone was one of the things that made if worth buying and I’m sure that jailbreaking the ipad will make it much better, much better apps available.

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