Google to exclude games from the Android Market in South Korea

Last month we’ve heard that Google’s Android Market might be blocked in South Korea because it contains games that have not been reviewed by the Korean Game Rating Board. Well, Android Market won’t be blocked after all – however, Google has decided to exclude all games from the Korean version of its app store.

According to Yonhap News, Google took this decision because it “found it impossible to have all games sold on Android rated by the local regulator.”

Reportedly, Google expects the Games category (which contains about 4,400 games) to be removed from Android Market in South Korea in about a month.

(Motorola Titanium XT800, one of the latest Android phones announced in South Korea)

Apple has also removed the Games category from the Korean App Store, but it keeps on offering some games via the Entertainment category. It’s said that iPhone users in Korea are setting up secondary accounts outside the country in order to have access to all the games in the App Store – and maybe that’s what Android users will do, too.

Via Telecoms Korea

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • richardmin

    Great PR for Android in Korea. In long-run, it'll be catalyst for GRB to die or adapt more openness

    got a more inside skinny on it here: (via kmixx blog: )