iPad users deal with Wi-Fi issues one day after official launch

While many of the iPad’s early adopters have walked out quite happy with their $500 purchase from the Apple store yesterday, some have found themselves frowning over what could possibly be a major defect that seriously cripples the device’s functionality.

iPad users are finding that their devices either have no Wi-Fi signal at all or have very weak signals compared to what other Wi-Fi enabled devices can pick up when used around the same area. As more and more people come to Apple’s discussion forums with these types of complaints, it’s becoming evident that this may be a hardware defect that affects all users.

Apple hasn’t come out with a statement regarding this issue as of this time’s writing, though they did put out a new Wi-Fi related article on their support pages quite recently (seen here).

Apple Discussions via Techcrunch

Author: David Gonzales

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