Swedish company to launch world’s first Android-based TV

A company in Sweden called “People of Lava” are about to let loose the world’s first Android-based TV set, blending the openness of Google’s open-source operating system with Internet and good, old-fashioned television entertainment.

Currently, the final tech specs of these Android TVs are still unknown or uncertain. But the company behind it has at least revealed that they are planning to release a 42-inch high-definition LED screen version initially, to be followed by 47 and 55-inch models. Beta-testing is set to start in early summer of this year.

For now, one can wonder what kind of Android-centric features will be included with the TV set. Will it work with crazy integration to other Android-based devices? Will the software be easily modifiable? Will all Android apps work? The possibilities are endless… standard Android fare.

But whatever the final product turns out like, one thing’s for sure: with an estimated cost of between $2,000 to $2,500, not everyone will be able to afford it.

Via Gadget Lab

Author: David Gonzales

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