Yandex Russia launches modded version of Opera Mini 5

Russian search engine company Yandex has released a modified version of the popular mobile Web browser Opera Mini 5 with several improvements to the unmodified version. They’ve also added these improvements to version 4.2.

The modified version’s improvements include a new interface with visual bookmarks to open pages in separate tabs, search history, and a password manager. Below are a couple of screenshots of Yandex’s version of Opera Mini 5.

The Yandex version of Opera Mini 5 also offers the ability to search not only the Internet but also Yandex services including Market, Pictures, News, Dictionaries, maps and blogs.

This modified version of Opera Mini 5 can be obtained by navigating to this link or by directing your mobile phone’s web browser to This application can be download for free.

Via Mobile-Review

Author: David Gonzales

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