Bluetooth SIG Shows Samsung Galaxy S May Come to AT&T

At CTIA we learned all about the brand new Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, a breathtaking Android device with a 4.0″ Super AMOLED display amongst all sorts of goodies (check out more details here). One important detail being left out, however, was which carriers it would end up at. All we knew was that the Galaxy S is a GSM device and would be showing up sometime this summer. But what if it’s one of the 5 Android devices coming to AT&T in the US by this summer?

So far we’ve seen AT&T release the Motorola Backflip, and the Dell Aero has been officially announced and shown off (well, the outside of the device at least) . But there are still 3 more to be released that we don’t know about. But thanks to some fun documents released by the Bluetooth SIG, we’re quite certain not only is it coming to the US, but at least some variant of the Galaxy S being called the Samsung i897 will come to the nation’s second-largest wireless provider.

Let’s compare the i9000 Bluetooth docs with that of the I897:



As you can see, the two are almost completely identical with the exception of model number and date of certification. It very well could be the same exact phone with a US-based model number; our theory is it could likely be the rumored Samsung Galaxy S Pro, which is essentially the same device but with physical QWERTY keyboard thrown in.

The reason it’s believed this mysterious device will be coming to AT&T specifically is in the model number. Over the last two years AT&T-released Samsung phones have used a starting letter of A or I, and the last digit of the number ends with 7. Thus, the i897 number would fit incredibly well into AT&T’s system.

Is it completely realistic that the i897 will make it out in time for summer? As evidenced in this industry every day, almost anything is possible.

via Samsung Hub via PhoneArena

i897 Bluetooth SIG doc

Author: Brad Molen

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