Leaked: first photo of the Samsung Moment 2 M910 for Sprint

Launched by Sprint in November 2009, the Samsung Moment M900 will soon be replaced by the Samsung Moment 2 (M910), which has just appeared in a leaked photo.

Design-wise, there aren’t too many differences between the Moment and the Moment 2. However, the keys on the Moment 2’s QWERTY keyboard seem bigger – which means it’s probably easier to type on them.

WeRAndroid has it that the new Samsung Moment 2 smartphone features Android 2.1 and TouchWiz 3.0 UI. And if you’re hoping for it to have Samsung’s new Super AMOLED display (like the Galaxy S i9000 and the Wave S8500), it looks like this won’t happen.

There’s no info yet regarding the release date of Sprint’s Samsung M910 Moment 2.

Sprint currently sells the Samsung Moment M900 for $99.99 with a contract agreement. The handset should get an Android 2.1 update this month.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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