Leaked iPhone 4.0 Docs Show Video Calls Included

Ever since Apple made it evident this morning that iPhone OS 4.0 is indeed a reality and is coming much sooner than we originally thought, every Apple fanboy (and fangirl) has been speculating which yearned-for features will actually make it into the next iteration of the iPhone operating system. Most of us are hoping that multitasking in some form will show up, amongst other things. We have reason to believe there is a definite possibility that video calls could be making its way into the next iPhone.

Late this evening we got word from No Dpad, a popular iPhone/iPod gaming blog, of new leaked documents that are incredibly telling of potential video calling on the iPhone. This image was captured from the website of O2’s UK subsidiary:

The image above covers the various pricing structures of voice calls, text messages, and — surprise — video calls. Interestingly enough, the pricing of video calls in the UK would be considered the same as voice calls.

Though this picture has since been removed from the website, it was still up long enough for us to catch it. It certainly could be put up there by mistake, but we can only hope that it wasn’t. With that said, it’s quite possible that video calls would be similar to tethering in that it would be enabled in some countries and disabled in others.

So this particular piece of news adds fuel to the fire of speculation, doesn’t it? Will this mean we’ll see a new iPhone with 5.0 MP backside camera PLUS a front-facing camera sometime this summer? Keep those fingers crossed.

Via No DPad

Author: Brad Molen

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