Google Buzz integrated in latest version of Gmail for mobile

If you’re just getting the hang of Google Buzz on your mobile phone, then you’ll find Google’s latest Buzz-related update quite useful. It involves tweaking the version you see on your mobile phone’s browser for better integration in the Gmail for mobile app.

And anyone who’s used Buzz on its standalone version, found at, will surely find that this update can only make things more convenient. Put simply, Google Buzz is now built-in on Gmail for mobile.

Anyone who actually uses Google Buzz, whether to answer @reply posts, comment on their own or others’s posts, etc. will find the familiar Google Buzz icon inside the Gmail for mobile inbox tab, and it operates in just about the same way as in the desktop version of Gmail.

And taking advantage of this update couldn’t be easier — just point your iPhone or Android mobile phone’s browser towards and you’re all set.

Via Official Google Mobile Blog

Author: David Gonzales

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