Google Nexus One shows up in France on Bouygues Telecom’s website

Bouygues Telecom is the first French mobile carrier to list the Google Nexus One on its official website.

Unfortunately, Bouygues doesn’t say when exactly the Nexus One will be available – but it might happen this month, when the Google superphone should also be available via Verizon in the US, and via Vodafone in the UK.

It looks like Bouygues will offer the Nexus One with various data plans, which means you won’t have to pay the handset’s full price.

While waiting for the Nexus One to become available, Bouygues Telecom obviously proposes other Android smartphones to its customers, including the HTC Legend, Samsung Galaxy Spica and Acer Liquid.

Via Android France

Author: Ilinca Nita

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