Lenovo rumored to buy Palm

Although WebOS was announced lat year as something new and exciting, Palm isn’t doing well at all lately – maybe because it has launched its Pre and Pixi smartphones a bit too late (and only via Sprint for the beginning).

We’ve heard more than once that Nokia might be interested in buying Palm, but today a new rumor has it that there’s another giant company that might want to take over the Sunnyvale-based smartphone manufacturer: it’s Lenovo, currently the world’s fourth largest PC maker.

While Lenovo is mainly known for its laptops and desktop computers, the company has also entered the smartphone market – its latest smartphone is the LePhone (which runs Android).

There’s certainly great potential in Palm’s WebOS, and the company’s CEO recently said that they’re “making great progress on future products”, so Lenovo has some solid reasons to consider buying the company – but, of course, this may never happen.

Well, at least the rumor of Lenovo buying Palm helped the latter’s stock surge in only a few hours.

Via Electronista

Author: Ilinca Nita

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