Motorola avoids lawsuit, signs patent licensing agreement with Fractus

Back in May 2009, a rather unknown Spanish company called Fractus sued no less than ten mobile phone makers (including Samsung, LG, RIM, HTC and Palm) for patent infringement.

Fractus then stated that the phone makers were infringing some of its patents related to internal antennas for cell phones.

It turns out that Motorola was and still is using Fractus’ technology, too. So how come the American company was not sued? Well, because Moto probably promised to sign a patent licensing deal with Fractus – and, surprise, this has just happened yesterday.

The financial details of the deal were not unveiled.

“This deal represents a major milestone in our efforts to obtain recognition for the valuable technology our company developed and brought to industry,” declared Rubén Bonet, President & CEO of Fractus.

Since Motorola agreed to make a deal with Fractus, it means the Spanish company’s claims of patent infringement might be true, and thus the other phone makers will probably want to reach agreements as well.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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