Nokia launches DRM-free Comes with Music service in China

Whether the big music companies like it or not, DRM is the bane of many people’s lives. It’s just not helping the music industry the way it’s supposed to. In fact, it may be the one causing more trouble.

So Nokia made a very smart move today in China by launching their Comes with Music service, wherein users are able to download songs either directly to their mobile phones or to their PCs, without that pesky DRM to lock users down with every song they purchase and download. The service is to be known locally as Yue Sui Xiang.

Really, one of the best things you can do as a music download service provider is to strip away the DRM on all songs, which prevents users from playing these songs on any other music players (whether hardware-wise or software-wise) and let them decide what to do with things that they paid for with their own money.

Currently, Nokia offers consumers with unlimited music downloads with the purchase of any one of eight devices, which include the Nokia X6 32GB and Nokia X6 16GB, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5330, Nokia 5800w, Nokia 6700s, Nokia E52 and Nokia E72i. Entry level prices are expected to start from EUR 140 or about $184 USD before taxes and subsidies.

With unlimited music downloads and no DRM whatsoever, Comes with Music is the kind of music download service a lot of people can and should get behind (myself included). Why put up with closed systems when there are alternatives like this already available, right?

Nokia is working with major global labels like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, EMI Music, and a host of local independent labels, including Huayi Brothers Media Group and Taihe Rye to make this happen. And they are going to launch the same service in India very soon. Who knows what might happen next? While it likely won’t be enough to end the problem with piracy in the music industry, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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