Sagem Puma 2 and Sagem Netribe to run Android

Earlier this year, Sagem announced that it would make Android phones, and it looks like one these handsets will be part of the Puma series.

According to SlashGear, Sagem plans to launch a Puma 2 phone in 2011. The Sagem Puma 2 should run Android and use a customized Puma UI, providing easy access to news, social networking and shopping.

The Puma 2 should be cheaper than the first Puma phone (which reportedly costs about $500 unlocked). Interestingly, Sagem might use the new phone with more than just one brand (Puma in this case), and we could see it released under brands like Gucci, too.

Puma and Gucci aside, Sagem already has an Android phone, called Sagem Netribe:

The Sagem Netribe integrates “technologies like solar cells, biometrics, atmospheric sensors and NFC.” The phone has a QVGA touchscreen display and a 3.2MP camera, and it should be available in Europe starting the third quarter of the year for about €115 ($150).

Author: Ilinca Nita

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