Nokia N8 (Vasco?) might be announced on April 13

Last month we’ve heard that Nokia might officially announce the N8 (possibly codenamed Nokia Vasco) in mid-April – which is about now.

Well, Nokia is holding a press event on April 13 (this Tuesday) under the tagline “everyone connect”, so I assume the Finnish company will finally announce the Nokia N8 then.

As you probably already know, the N8 should be not only Nokia’s first Symbian^3 smartphone, but also its first handset to have a 12MP photo camera. Its other features apparently include: a 3.5 to 4 inch capacitive touchscreen display, HD (720p) video recording, HDMI port, and 32GB of internal memory.

The photos below (leaked several weeks ago) reportedly show the Nokia N8, but we can’t be sure this is what the handset really looks like until Nokia unveils it. Actually, I really hope the handset looks different, because the device seen in these photos is kind of ugly.

Of course, the April 13 event might not be about the Nokia N8, so if you’re eagerly expecting this particular phone, don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • James W

    Expect to be disappointed, Nokia will NOT announce any new handset this coming Tuesday. They will just advertise music services for the X6 16gb and some brand new coours, some new colours for Ovi Maps and some other BS, Nokia are afraid to show us anything new.

  • varunkrish

    Hi Guys ,

    Got an invite for the event.

    I smell a new handsets

  • nokiadreamer

    I was disappointed by the N85, especially when the AMOLED cracked after a few weeks while on a call (the unit was repaired twice (including the battery which I told Nokia was the initial problem) and never met expectations). The N86 that I tried seemed to be just great until I received a call and it did not work (but gosh it was fast and had memory to burn, browsing was good, it just wasn't a phone). Maybe the N87 will be considerably better (if it is it will cost an arm and a leg and be missing something that appeared in its predecessors). Maybe it will be as good as the old 6030's, N82 or maybe it will be just an N86 clone that does everything (including cellular transmissions). Sorry, I digress, still dreaming of a Nokia N Series that does it all, which is what they promise but just don't quite get there.

  • James W
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