Square Motorola slider with Android and MotoBlur coming soon?

Since Motorola plans to launch up to 30 Android phones by the end of this year, we’re expecting new phone announcements to come every month or so.

One of Moto’s upcoming Android phones could be a square Android slider that recently appeared over at DroidDog. In the meantime, the photo has been removed “at request of the leaker,” but it’s still available around the Web.

Reportedly, the new phone runs Android 2.1 and uses the MotoBlur interface. There are no other details about its features, but the display seems to be a QVGA one, which might mean this is an entry level device.

Until now, Motorola announced Android phones for all four major US carriers, so this mysterious square handset could reach any of them.

Via Android Guys

Author: Ilinca Nita

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