Vodafone opens 360 app development via JIL

Vodafone (one of the two carriers that will launch Microsoft’s new Kin phones) has recently announced that developers can now publish mobile applications for its 360 platform, through the JIL (Joint Innovation Lab) website.

Published apps will be available on Vodafone phones across Europe, via Vodavone 360 Shop. Apps approved for the Vodafone 360 Shop will be supported by about 50 phone models – including the LiMo-based Samsung H1 and Samsung M1, and Symbian smarphones from Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

Developers can choose to publish their applications in all of Vodafone’s markets across Europe, or only in some of them. 20 price points are available, ranging from €0.49 to €9.99. Devs will receive 70% of the earnings, while Vodafone gets 30%.

To start publishing applications in the Vodafone 360 Shop, go to this section of the JIL website.

Vodafone has also launched a developer site that provides info on how to develop for the 360 platform. You can access the website here.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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