HTC interested in making its own mobile OS

HTC, which makes some of the best Windows Mobile and Android smartphones on the market, may follow Samsung’s path and develop its own mobile operating system.

According to Bloomberg, HTC CFO Cheng Hui-ming recently declared that the Taiwanese company “continues to assess” having its own OS, which would require “a few conditions to justify.” What these conditions are, Mr. Hui-ming didn’t say.

With an OS of its own, HTC would certainly be less dependable on Microsoft and Google – although this dependency is not necessarily a bad thing, seeing how great HTC has been doing until now.

Like Samsung, which developed Bada OS based on TouchWiz UI, HTC could develop its own OS based on Sense UI – which is featured on lots of its WM and Android smartphones, and even on the Brew-based HTC Smart.

(HTC Legend)

Before making its own OS, HTC may consider buying Palm – which apparently is for sale. This way, it would have an almost mature mobile platform (webOS) without going through too much trouble developing it. Not to mention the fact that, by acquiring Palm, HTC would also gain lots of patents – and we all know how important patents are.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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