Intel brings Android to Atom-based smartphones

Since Intel and Nokia have teamed-up to work on MeeGo, one may think that Intel won’t need to consider checking out other mobile platforms.

However, Intel (like many other major companies out there) is really interested in Google’s Android. So interested that it has ported Android – a platform initially designed for ARM devices – to smartphones based on its Atom family of microprocessors.

According to PC World, Intel already has Atom-based smartphones that run Android. Moreover, Renee James (General Manager of Intel’s software and services group) says that “certain customers” are interested in these Atom-based Android smartphones, so we might soon see some of them available on the market.

Unfortunately, Intel didn’t provide any other details about its Android handsets.

Just for the record, Acer already sells Atom-based devices with Android – but they’re netbooks, not smartphones.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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