June 22 iPhone HD / 4G announcement date confirmed?

Whether it will be called iPhone HD, iPhone 4G or something else, a new Apple iPhone is coming this summer (and another new one next summer, but we’re not going to talk about this one right now).

We’ve previously heard that the new iPhone might be announced on June 22, and it looks like this date is the real one.

According to Modmyi, Apple has “reserved the very conference center where the company announced the three previous versions of the iPhone” for June 22. Unfortunately, Apple’s hasn’t officially confirmed this, so we still can’t be 100% sure of the date.

Apple has also not confirmed any of the rumored features of the fourth-gen iPhone – save for iPhone 4.0 OS, of course. However, the new iPhone might come with a 5MP camera, double the current screen resolution (960 x 640 pixels), front-facing camera for video calls, more RAM and more internal memory.

(this is just an iPhone 4G concept, via Nowhereelse)

Another Apple related rumor has it that, also in June this year, the company will finally announce an iPhone for Verizon – which is getting ready to launch the Droid Incredible by HTC, one of it’s best smartphones ever.

Via MacDailyNews

Author: Ilinca Nita

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