HTC turns to Facebook users for naming new device (Jovi, Zeal, Wildfire or Festi)

HTC is working on a new phone and, for some reason, it needs fans’ help for naming it.

Unfortunately, the Taiwanese company doesn’t give too many details about the phone, but it says that its name should be “playful and full of youth”.

The company’s official Facebook page hosts a poll with four name options: HTC Jovi, HTC Zeal, HTC Wildfire and HTC Festi. Well, it’s kind of hard to pick a name for something that you don’t know anything about – however, until now, most users (40%) like how “Wildfire” sounds.

So, will HTC actually name this new handset according to the poll’s results? Will this be a new high-end Android smartphone (like Verizon’s Incredible or Google’s Nexus One)? Will it run Windows Phone 7? Or maybe Brew, like the HTC Smart? Oh, so many questions.

Via PocketNow

Author: Ilinca Nita

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