AT&T blocks employee vacations in June, new iPhone launch re-confirmed?

No surprise here, but it’s still worth mentioning that AT&T has reportedly blocked employee vacations for the month of June.

With the Apple iPhone HD / 4G rumored to be launched on June 22, it’s obvious why AT&T wants all its employees to be ready to serve customers.

The iPhone is AT&T’s most successful device, and it will likely be even more successful after its fourth-generation is released.

(this turned out to be a fake new iPhone)

Apple has apparently prepared lots of improvements for the new iPhone, including a larger display (with 960 x 640 pixels), a faster processor, more internal memory, more RAM, video calling, and a 5MP photo camera. Well, bring it on, Apple. Just don’t forget that the competition is tougher than ever.


Author: Ilinca Nita

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