Google activates 60,000 Android phones daily, says Nexus One is profitable

Google’s Android is slowly but surely growing to become one of the world’s major smartphone operating systems.

According to Google, the company activates more than 60,000 Android handsets per day – that’s more than 1.8 million per month, and more than 21 million per year. And yes, this is impressive for a mobile platform that’s still young.

Google also stated during its earnings call yesterday that the Nexus One (which should be available soon to Verizon and Sprint customers) is profitable – although it didn’t say how many units were sold until now.

As for Android Market, it now contains about 38,000 applications – and the number is growing, of course.

According to previous reports, Android will become the world’s No. 2 mobile platform by 2013, trailing Symbian. I’d say there are chances for this to happen even earlier, but that depends on many factors, including what Apple and its new iPhone will have to offer.

Via Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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