Is this the back of Apple’s 64GB iPhone HD / 4G? No, it isn’t

While we’re waiting for June 22 to come (the alleged date of the official iPhone HD / 4G unveiling), some photos of what is presented as Apple’s new iPhone have appeared, causing mixed reactions across the Web.

The photos show the back, the bottom and the right side of a white iPhone which supposedly has 64GB of internal memory.

There’s also a text that reads “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.”

The photo camera (which should be a 5MP one) is placed at the top left of the handset’s back – just like on the previous iPhone models.

The grainy aspect of the photos and the fact that their metadata shows they’ve past through Photoshop CS4 might mean they are fake – so we shouldn’t be surprised if the real fourth-generation iPhone won’t look like this.

Even if these images are fake, the new iPhone will probably have a white version, as well as 64GB of internal memory. But, of course, we can’t be sure of anything right now.

Update: this alleged new iPhone is fake indeed. Here is the source of the renderings (via MobileCrunch).

Via MacRumors

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • arson

    you can tell its fake,its just a shell that some one made, the picture is not fake. if you look closley at the bottom of the iphone you can see the desk wood underneath. Just looks like some one crafted this in wood class and took a crapy cell phone pic of it

  • Mainlander

    i feel like i have seen baby jesus… shudder