Nokia N86 has hardware (MicroUSB) problems, too?

Launched in Europe last summer, the Nokia N86 8MP seems to be following the footsteps of the N900 and N97 in the UK, where it reportedly has problems with the MicroUSB port.

According to MobileNewsCWP, “a high number of faulty Nokia N86” phones are sent back to dealers for repair.

Customers are complaining about what seems to be a major charging problem on the N86 – its MicroUSB socket gets easily pushed inside the device when a charging cable is connected.

Of course, not all Nokia N86 units have this problem, but it’s bad enough that some do.

While a Nokia spokesperson declared that “Nokia Care, Nokia’s user support centre, has not recorded any user complaints about faulty USB sockets on the N86 device,” mobile store owners in the UK are saying things like “Nokia handsets seem to be the main culprit when it comes to weak microUSB ports. Users can be clumsy when charging their phones but in any case this should be fitted well enough to withstand such pressure.”

I think Nokia should seriously look further into this, even if the number of faulty N86s is small.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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