More info on Windows Phone 7; Windows Live ID will be required

Microsoft still has a lot of work to do until the first Windows Phone 7 devices are launched (sometime in the fourth quarter of the year), and that’s why we don’t know all we’d want to know about the upcoming OS.

However, new details have been uncovered by, including the fact that, to use a Windows Phone 7 handset, you will need a Windows Live ID account (you automatically have one if you use Hotmail or MSN Messenger). Apparently, Windows Live ID will also provide access to Windows Marketplace.

Furthermore, it looks like Windows Phone 7 will only support ARM7 processors (like the Qualcomm Snapdragon). This leaves out Intel’s Moorestown processors – but it’s not like Intel cares too much, since it has MeeGo and we’ll soon see Moorestown-based MeeGo devices on the market.

As previously mentioned, all Windows Phone 7 devices will require capacitive touchscreen displays (apparently, non-touch devices won’t be able to run WP7), three buttons on the front (Back, Start and Search), a power button, a camera button, and two volume buttons.

Weird enough, it looks like Windows Phone 7 will support Bluetooth 2.1, but not Bluetooth 3.0. Well, maybe support for the newer version of Bluetooth will be added after launch.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • James W

    the more i hear about this, the more I'm starting to dislike it. So many restrictions and lack of essentials already

  • ElfJay

    Windows Phone 7 is hobbled. It won't even copy and paste. It will have very few worthy apps. It will force you to use Microsoft products and services, even when you don't want to. It will force you to use Microsoft's Marketplace to buy your software. It has a Bing Button on the front panel, which cannot be changed to Google. The OS is locked to hardware with a DRM certificate. It's a velvet dungeon.

    To sum up, its a horrible platform that should be avoided.