Palm to launch Pre Plus and Pixi Plus in France next week via SFR

Palm’s two darling webOS devices are going to be available in France real soon. Well, next week, to be exact. The Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus will go on sale starting next week in France, via the local network SFR’s online store. The two devices will also be available at retail stores by the middle of the second week of May.

The phones themselves aren’t going to differ much from those that are available elsewhere around the world. But they will come pre-loaded with SFR’s content in the form of applications such as “SFR TV,” which will give users access to main TV channels in France, and “SFR Mon Compte,” which gives customers access to their SFR account on the go. “SFR Wi-Fi” will also come pre-loaded.

Currently, SFR has posted a sort of a coming soon page for the two Palm webOS smartphones. You can sign up for notifications for when they finally become available on April 27.

SFR France via Press release

Author: David Gonzales

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