Palm waives $99 annual webOS development fee

Enterprising mobile app developers looking to expand their portfolio (and at the same time, boost sales of their own creations) might do good to consider developing for Palm and webOS, the mobile operating system running on devices like the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. Besides offering a completely free SDK for those interested, Palm has also recently waived the $99 annual fee that used to be necessary before developers could publish their apps on the App Catalog.

This move by Palm will surely gain the favor of many developers looking to save a good hundred bucks while still being able to publish their apps for users to download. But whether it’s enough to attract the multitude of developers currently siding with either Android, iPhone or Symbian still remains to be seen.

Palm indicates on their developer site that the $99 annual fee waive will only be offered for a limited time, so it would be best for those interested to take advantage of it now. A product of this promo might just be the next big Palm webOS App Catalog hit.

Via Mobilecrunch

Author: David Gonzales

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  • jose_ndc

    Cool! I love incentives.