Sony Ericsson promises major updates to Xperia X10 later this year, says multi-touch is a no-no

Sony Ericsson’s Android-powered Xperia X10 smartphone, while already interesting in and of itself, looks like it will get even more interesting throughout this year as it receives both minor and major updates that are expected to enhance its existing features and add new functionality.

This is according to Mobile Phone Helpdesk, which interviewed Harold de Kort, Communications Manager at Sony Ericsson. Harold de Kort mentioned that there will be numerous updates to the Xperia X10’s software later this year, saying that some of them will be small updates while also saying that there will be one big update.

This big update might possibly be the Xperia X10’s upgrade from Android 1.6 to Android 2.1, which will undoubtedly give it more extra features than any of the various small updates combined. The specifics of the forthcoming updates weren’t detailed very well, but Harold de Kort did make one thing clear: “Multi-touch will not be a feature in future updates for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.”

This is due to a combined software and hardware limitation of the device, according to Harold de Kort, and will be taken care of by Sony Ericsson with the use of workarounds that they will implement in the updates.

Via Mobile Phone Helpdesk

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