GetJar gives developers option to measure conversion rates of apps on all open platforms

I’m not a mobile developer myself, but I can imagine that those who are would want to know just how many people out of all those who download their apps actually purchase them in one way or another. Doing this is possible with a little extra work on the apps, which is time-consuming and sometimes doesn’t work as well when it comes to porting to other mobile platforms.

Enter GetJar’s new conversion tracking tool, which aims to help developers deal with the problem of measuring conversion rates on all open mobile platforms for absolutely no charge. Yes, it’s free, and quite easy to implement. Why didn’t they come up with this sooner?

All that’s needed to get in on GetJar’s new conversion tracking tool is to add a simple conversion code into their apps. All apps published on GetJar’s app store can benefit from this. And it works on all types of phones including Android, BlackBerry, Flash, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile.

And if all things happen as intended, “This conversion data will allow developers to improve their apps, increase conversion, and gain an advantage over the competition, by increasing users, not just downloads,” as Chris Dury, VP of Product for GetJar said in a press release.

Via Businesswire

Author: David Gonzales

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