LG GD550 and Philips Xenium X712 show up

Two unannounced phones that have one thing in common have recently showed up, one from LG and another one from Philips: LG GD550 and Philips Xenium X712.

The LG GD550 is a slider with a 5MP camera and quad-band GSM connectivity. The phone looks a lot like the LG Pure (seen not too long ago), and I think Pure is just another name for the GD550.

The Philips Xenium X712 also has a 5MP camera (this being the phones’ common feature), but, unlike the LG GD550, it’s a clamshell.

There are no exact details regarding the other features of Philips Xenium X712, but we know that it’s a dual SIM phone – like the Xenium X510.

The release dates of LG GD550 and Philips Xenium X712 are not known at the moment.

Via Mobile-review

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • James W

    Seriously LG, just stop making phones already. You've lost your credbility after the BL40