HTC not interested in buying Palm. Palm’s CEO says they can still make it on their own

Ever since Palm has reportedly put itself up for sale, rumors about various companies interested in buying it have emerged.

One of these companies was HTC, currently the world’s fifth largest smartphone maker, and by far the no. 1 maker of Android handsets.

However, Reuters reports that HTC doesn’t want to bid for Palm, and this decision was taken after the Taiwanese company reviewed Palm’s financial results (which, as you probably know, are farm from being great).

Apparently, Huawei (another company rumored to be in talks with Palm) has also decided that it won’t make any move for now.

This being said, it looks like Lenovo remains the main contender for buying Palm. It’s worth mentioning that Lenovo has more than $2.4 billion in net cash reserves, while Palm’s value is estimated at about $1.3 billion.

Whether or not Lenovo will acquire Palm, no one can know. In fact, Palm may actually remain an independent company – the company’s CEO John Rubinstein recently told The Financial Times that they have a “plan that gets us to profitability” and thus he believes the company can still make it on its own.

Apparently, Palm intends to license its WebOS platform to interested phone makers. Since WebOS is a pretty good platform, this might prove to be a good idea that could bring Palm some serious cash.

Meanwhile, according to Rubinstein, Palm is “fast and furious” working on new smartphones that will be included in “a strong pipeline of products in the future.” Yes, well, let’s hope these products won’t be launched six months after their announcement – like the Palm Pre was.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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