HTC states the obvious: HTC Incredible won’t be launched in the UK

While Verizon is getting ready to launch the Droid Incredible from HTC on April 29 in the US, some European customers may wonder if the Incredible will also be available here in the old continent.

Well, it looks like it won’t (not such a big surprise, actually, since many handsets that are available in the US never make it across the pond).

HTC has officially confirmed via its Twitter account that “there is currently no plan for Incredible to go to the UK” – which most probably means there are no plans for the smartphone to be introduced in other European countries, either.

As an alternative to the Incredible, HTC offers the Desire, which is already out in the UK, coming with features that are pretty much similar to the ones the Incredible has (if you don’t count the 8MP – 5MP camera difference).

Via EuroDroid

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • James W

    You hit a point iinca about the old continent, us Europeans ARE the Americans in essence so we should have a slice of the action or we should never have colonised America/Canada :-p.That's a bit unfair, it seems our American offspring get all the fun with the EVO and then the Incredible, whilst we in Europe, being America's older and wiser parents get nothing. Share a bit of love, we're the same people!

  • warrenleona

    Its look great its design is very impressive.i love the review i just wait when it lunch in Asia.