Google suggests Verizon customers to buy a Droid Incredible instead of a Nexus One

While confirming the fact that Vodafone will launch the Nexus One starting May 30, Google has also unveiled more details regarding the arrival of the Nexus at Verizon.

By the looks of it, the smartphone may actually not come at all to Verizon. Google now says that customers who have been waiting for the Nexus One to be compatible with Verizon’s network should buy the HTC Droid Incredible.

Since most of the features of the Droid Incredible are similar to the ones of the Nexus One, Google and HTC might have decided to cancel the Nexus launch on Vodafone. The Incredible (pictured below) can already be pre-ordered, and it will be available starting April 29.

It remains to be seen whether Sprint (which announced the Nexus One not long ago) will launch the handset or not.

Via Google

Author: Ilinca Nita

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