Klausner sues HTC for Visual Voicemail patent infringement

HTC has just been sued by Klausner Technologies, a company that holds several Visual Voicemail patents in the US.

Klausner claims that HTC is infringing its patents since the release of T-Mobile MyTouch 3G. However, not all of HTC’s smartphones that use Visual Voicemail in the US are involved. For example, HTC devices launched via Verizon (like the Droid Incredible) can use the technology, thanks to the fact that Verizon signed an agreement with Klausner back in 2008.

Apple, too, has settled a Visual Voicemail suit with Klausner (also in 2008), so HTC will most probably have to do it as well.

“Intellectual property gives meaning and structure to the greatest resource of all – human imagination. Songwriters collect royalties for the songs they compose, playwrights for the plays they write and inventors for the patents they create,” said Judah Klausner, Klausner Technologies’ President.

Klausner filed the suit against HTC in the Eastern District of Texas. The company says that it currently licenses its Visual Voicemail technology to 27 companies (phone makers, mobile operators and cable/VOIP providers) in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Author: Ilinca Nita

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