Palm Pixi available for free through Sprint’s web site

If you’ve been waiting for the longest time to get the Palm Pixi on the third largest network in the U.S., Sprint, well now you can. And not only can you purchase the webOS smartphone off Sprint’s web site quite easily, you can do it without paying for the phone at all because it’s being offered there for free.

The catch should be no biggie, since it’s something that almost everyone who’s ever had a free phone handed to them should be familiar with by now. The phone comes with a 2-year contract, which as Sprint puts it, gives buyers a great $349 USD in savings instantly.

Above is a screenshot of Sprint’s online order page showing the Palm Pixi’s current price — $0.00. Sprint is just awesome, eh?

Via PreCentral

Author: David Gonzales

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  • anthony

    pixi sucks coudlnt pay me to use it