Pantech launches SKY Check Mate IM-S610K for Korea Telecom

While inches and megapixels get superseded pretty fast in the upgrade-crazy technologically advanced world of today, Korean mobile phone maker Pantech knows one thing that never gets old: style. That’s what its newest phone, the SKY Check Mate IM-S610K made for Korea Telecom, brings to the table.

It may not be oozing in sex appeal and it may lack a lot of bling, but it is able to look great in its own simple way. It’s fashioned in a clamshell form factor and comes in white, titanium, golden and red (in combination with black).

Here’s a short list of its features:

  • Main Display: 2.6-inch, QVGA
  • External display: Monochrome
  • Camera: 2 MP + front
  • T-DMB Receiver Digital TV T-DMB
  • Built-in memory: 36 MB
  • microSD-slot
  • Wireless Interface: Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 103h51, 5×15, 6 mm
  • Weight: 108.5 grams

That external display will be particularly useful in showing the current time, date and other simple call/message-related info. According to a report on, the SKY Check Mate IM-S610K sells for about $360 USD.

Via Mobile-Review

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