Samsung Galaxy S i9000 on pre-order in the UK for £549.99

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S i9000, the South Korean company said that the new smartphone would be available sometime in the second quarter of the year (thus in June the latest).

Well, it looks like the Galaxy S will be launched in the UK in early June. Expansys has the smartphone on pre-order, saying that it will ship “in 35 working days.”

At the moment, the new handset is priced at £549.99. That’s about €637 or $850, and it’s probably a bit too much, even if the Galaxy S seems to be one of the nicest smartphones of 2010.

The Samsung Galaxy S is the first Android device to feature a Super AMOLED touchscreen display (WVGA). The smartphone also features HSPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, digital compass, 5MP autofocus camera, a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, and, apparently, Yahoo services, too.

A hands-on video preview of the Samsung Galaxy S can be watched here.

Via EuroDroid

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • diegoelunico

    What the heck???? Almost a thousand dollars for a cellphone that even doesn't have a flash in its camera? No way! ah ah Samsung!

    I'm gonna stick to HTC EVO 4G.

    Bye Bye Sammie

  • Alan

    well no flash woo
    it has 3x the graphics power of an iphone 3gs and the nexus one

    worth the no flash IMO

  • Rajdeep

    Price is too much. I will hope i.e. 370 USD. In Indian Market price of this mobile is too much. In Indian, market any mobile available in this range i.e. 370 like nokia

  • DeepThroat

    is that price that is listed, with a carrier contract or without?