Windows Phone 7 devices to have reduced crapware due to added restrictions

Smartphones and even feature phones released through mobile operators have traditionally had a set of carrier-specific pre-installed apps on them, which some users ignore or don’t even notice while reviled by others as unnecessary bloatware. Windows Mobile phones running version 6.5.3 and below have been victims of this, and in the end it doesn’t really add any value to the phones themselves but only hurt users by making their devices slow, laggy and near unusable in some situations.

Thankfully, Microsoft has done a few steps to remedy this by making requirements for these pre-loaded apps even stricter, saying that they’ve taken action due to frequent end-user complaints because of the mere fact that these often unwanted applications exist on Windows Mobile smartphones.

Because of the new restrictions, the crapware seen encircled in red in the screenshot above will be reduced. The new restrictions are as follows:

– Maximum of 6 preloaded applications on the device, not to exceed 60MB
– All preloaded apps must pass Marketplace submission process (some extended APIs are available to OEM/MO so the process is slightly relaxed in that regard)
– The application(s) and all future updates must be free of charge.
– The apps must launch without dependency on network availability.
– The apps must persist through a “hard reset”.
– The apps must be updatable and revocable (!!!!) through the Marketplace.
– The apps must notify the user at first launch of any capabilities to be utilized and get user consent (to access compass, accelerometer, network, etc.)

While they haven’t gotten rid of the pesky things completely, at least they’ve moved to limit them in some ways. And that’s a step in the right direction.

XDA Devs forum via Pocketnow

Author: David Gonzales

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